The Waitlist feature is campus-wide for every course!

What is waitlisting? 

Wait listing is like getting in line to register for sections that are already full. For example, if a person drops from a full course, then the individual at the top of the waitlist will have the first opportunity to register and fill that empty seat.

What sections can be waitlisted?

Waitlisting is available for most classes at SBVC.

How can I waitlist a section?

After you have added a section to your “Wish List”, you have the option of registering or waitlisting the section. Make your selection from the drop-down list to the left of the “Wish List” section. If you try to register for a section that is filled, you will receive a message asking you to select another section or waitlist that selection. If you try to waitlist a section that has not been approved for waitlisting you will receive an error message.