Applied Technology Division- Student Success: Water Supply Technology
Water Supply Technology major, Raymond Montes has chosen San Bernardino Valley College to pursue his career in Water industry. Raymond has always had an interested in water, he believed that working in the water field will be beneficial for him and his family. Therefore, he enrolled to SBVC to begin his education and career. After two years of being enrolled into the Water Supply Technology (WST) program Raymond completed all of his core courses and his granted internship with Cucamonga Valley Water District. After completing his internship and finalizing all his courses for the program, Raymond was given a chance to apply for Monte Vista Water District, out of numerous applicants, Raymond received great news, and He was granted the position and is now working as a Meter Service Technician. Raymond shares “I am glad, I enrolled into SBVC WST program, and it has given me great opportunities.” Congratulations Raymond.


Water Supply Technology Major, Lupita Alcala, is a caring, determined and hardworking single mother who decided to take a chance in a male dominated career, the Water Industry. Lupita decided to join the Water Supply Technology program at SBVC. Her goals is help the environment and humanity treat, purify and conserve precious resources such as water. After a year in the program and a semester away from graduating, Lupita has succeeded in her courses earning her an internship opportunity with the San Bernardino Municipal Water Department. During which time she has earned her Operator in Training Certificate. Lupita shares “As a single mother, I always strive for what’s best for my children and I am thankful to join a program that has open doors to a great rewarding career. I will continue to work hard, to become a Director of Wastewater Plant and to also encourage more woman to join this wonderful and rewarding career.” Congratulations Lupita!


San Bernardino Valley College, Water Supply Technology Instructor Promoted!
On May 17, 2016 Water Supply Technology Instructor, Melita Caldwell- Betties, received tenure and Assistant Professor status. Melita has been an adjunct instructor of the Water Supply Technology program for over fifteen years and twenty-three years in the water industry as a Grade V Wastewater Plant Operator. She then eventually advanced as a Chief Plant Operator. She revealed that she was known to be the first African American female to achieve this milestone in a male-dominated industry. After accomplishing those achievements, she then declared she would retire and continue teaching at SBVC for the Water Supply Technology Program. She enjoys teaching and in providing her students significant information that will benefit them in their careers. Melita will not hesitate to be a mentor and makes sure she is there to provide any assistance and support to anyone who needs her assistance and support. Congratulations to Mrs. Melita Caldwell-Betties!


Student Success: Water Supply Technology
David Ortiz Jr, Water Supply Technology Major, always believed it is important to do what’s best for the community. He joined the Water Supply Technology program at San Bernardino Valley College to learn how he can help conserve and supply the community with safe drinking water. David has gained so much knowledge which will benefit him in the water industry and has been instrumental in his success in the program. David has completed his internship opportunity with Cucamonga Valley Water District and he will be graduating with his Associates of Science in Water Supply Technology. David earned his dream job working for San Bernardino County Special Districts Water and Sanitation as a Water Maintenance Worker 1. David shares “I strongly believe that the experience and education I received through the Water Supply Technology Program gave me this great opportunity to obtain this position, I am very happy I joined the program.” – Congratulations David!


Inspired by a friend with whom she toured a water treatment plant, Major, Mary Nina Gonzales, chose San Bernardino Valley College in Summer of 2016, to pursue her education as a Water Supply Technology Major. Mary Nina has been very successfully in the core classes and has taken over three state exams and earned a Grade-One Wastewater Certificate. Additionally, she has obtained a paid internship opportunity with Inland Empire Utilities Agency also received a non-paid volunteer position with City of Redlands. Mary Nina shares “I want to continue to work hard to earn all of the state certifications such as earning a Grade IV in wastewater, then one day become a manager where I can manage my own treatment plant.” Mary Nina expresses the best part of her experience is that she is proof women can succeed in a male dominated career. Congratulations Mary Nina on all your success.


Attending courses at SBVC in addition to his military background, Joseph Reyes graduated in May 2015 with an Associate Degree in Water Technology. Most recently, Joseph has secured employment with Idyllwild Water District and will start mid-July. Joseph said it took time to find the right industry, but he always felt the Water Supply Technology program was the correct path for him. Passing his Treatment 2 Certification along with his Distribution 2 test, he will continue to pursue his career in taking the D3 test in the next 14 months. His motivation is to make a better life for his three (3) year old daughter, providing her the same opportunities he has attained. Joseph’s hard work and tenacity has paid off and he claims he was lucky in landing the job.


Elizabeth Barajas, part of the Water Supply Technology Program has just started achieving her dreams. She is an intern for United Water and attending her final classes at SBVC to earn her Associate Degree. She is a hard-working struggling student, wife and mom with 2 wonderful kids. Her entire family’s support keeps her going and motivated to completer her studies.


Michael Pena is two classes away from graduating at SBVC and is already working at his dream job. Michael started with Metropolitan Water District in the mechanical water engineering area. During his employment there, he was exposed to subsidiaries’ of the company and is now employed with Glanbia Foods Inc. as a Utilities Engineer, emphasis in Water. The company is the largest American cheese manufacturer in the United States and will be assisting Michael in continuing his education, making trips to New Mexico, Idaho and Scotland to troubleshoot plant operations. Michael Pena firmly believes his hard work while attending SBVC


Jake Loukeh is a current student in the Water Supply Technology Program at San Bernardino Valley College. As he shared “I like the water industry, I find it very interesting”. It led him to continue his education by taking more classes in the Water Supply Technology Program at SBVC. Jake has completed his Bachelor Degree in Ground Water Geology and Surface Water Geology through Cal Poly Pomona. Now, he will continue to learn and earn more certificates within our program in the Applied Technology division. He will be taking his D2 certification test in March of 2016. Jake was hired by the City of Chino Hills, as a Public Works Intern for the last six months and really enjoys his career.


From an early age, Martin Soria has always been fascinated with water. It all began on his family trips to the Santa Ana River, he would notice the beautiful view of the water and wonder how the hydrological cycle works and how it relates to drinking water. As a result, Soria wanted a career in the water industry so he decided to attend SBVC for the Water Supply Technology Program. As of today, Soria has passed the Water Treatment Grade I exam and was given the opportunity to work as an intern for the City of Loma Linda. He is able to use his hands-on experience that he learned from the courses at SBVC then apply them to his job tasks. For example, he is able to assist in the chlorination of the water process and creating potable water for 24,000 residents of the city. Soria shares, “I am pleased knowing that I am able to help make water safe for our community.”


Brett Bond is a Water Supply Technology major at San Bernardino Valley College. Coursework in the Water Supply Technology Program has helped Brett expand his knowledge of the water industry. For example, Brett has successfully taken several water industry state examinations, while earning two internships with the City of Loma Linda and Rancho Cucamonga. He has also earned a degree and Certificate of Completion in Water Supply Technology. Brett’s aspirations and his passion for the water industry will help him pursue his dream of someday becoming a supervisor at a water agency. Congratulations Brett!


Water Supply Technology student, Jose Zepeda, has been on a dedicated path towards his education. As an illustration, he has successfully passed the Water Treatment I exam which has lead to his certification at the first level. Jose is also earning college credit as an Operator-in-Training Program (OIT) at the San Bernardino Water Reclamation Facility in partnership with SBVC. By participating in the OIT program, Jose will be able to apply classroom learning to the field as well as gain valuable work experience. Jose’s passion for water is has placed him on the right path towards his anticipated goals of becoming a Water Treatment Operator. Jose shared, “It is a great program, I am glad I joined the program.” Keep up the great work Jose!


Water Supply Technology student, Oscar Armenta, was strongly encouraged by a friend to enroll in the water program. Curious, Oscar was interested in determining if the program would be beneficial for him and his future. Within six months of beginning the program, he has successfully passed his courses and has also had the opportunity to unpaid intern for Cucamonga Valley Water District.
Oscar’s volunteer efforts have been adequately rewarded. In April 2016, Oscar was hired on by Cucamonga Valley Water District as a Water Utility Worker I. In fact, he has been on a success path ever since joining the program. Oscar states, “I am proof that this is a great beneficial program. I am glad, I enrolled. Without the program, I would not have been able to receive such a great quality education, hands-on experience or gain employment in this short amount of time. I am very thankful for the program.”


San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC) Water Supply Technology student, Martin Lomeli, believes that it is very important that our community have safe, reliable and potable water. Martin made a decision to choose Water Supply Technology as his career of choice. While taking classes at SBVC, he has increased his knowledge about the water industry which has helped him become successful at passing several state examinations and earning an internship with Cucamonga Valley Water District. Shortly after, he was hired by Western Municipal Water District as a Water Reclamation Plant Operator-in Training. Martin is now one semester closer to receiving his Water Supply Technology Certificate. His determination and hard work will help him pursue his dream of becoming a Chief Plant Operator at a water reclamation plant. Keep up the great work, Martin!