Student Success


Attending courses at San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC) in addition to his military background, Joseph Reyes graduated in May 2015 with an Associate Degree in Water Technology. Most recently, he has secured employment with Idyllwild Water District and will start mid-July. Joseph said it took time to find the right industry; but he always felt the Water Supply Technology Program was the correct path for him. Passing the Water Treatment Plant Operator Two (T-2) Exam along with his Water Distribution Operator Two (D-2) certification; Joseph will continue to pursue his career in taking the Water Distribution Operator Three (D-3) Exam in the next 14 months. His motivation is to make a better life for his three-year old daughter; providing her the same opportunities he has attained. Joseph’s hard work and tenacity has paid off, as he claims, “He was lucky,” in landing the job.


Elizabeth Barajas, a student of the Water Supply Technology Program, has just started achieving her dreams. She is an intern for United Water and attending her final classes at San Bernardino Valley College to earn an Associate Degree. Elizabeth is also a hard-working, struggling student, wife, and mom with two wonderful kids. Her entire family’s support keeps her going and motivated to complete her studies.


Michael Pena is two classes away from graduating at San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC) and is already working at his dream job. He started with Metropolitan Water District in the mechanical water engineering area. During Michael’s employment there, he was exposed to subsidiaries of the company and is now employed with Glanbia Foods Inc., as a Utilities Engineer, with an emphasis in water. The company is the largest American cheese manufacturer in the United States and will be assisting Michael in continuing his education, making trips to New Mexico, Idaho and Scotland to troubleshoot plant operations. Michael Pena firmly believes his hard work while attending San Bernardino Valley College got him to where he is today.


Vincent Barton is working at Clement Pappas, a fruit juice mixing plant, where he processes waste by-products similar to those encountered in the water utilities industry. Every effort is made to capture the liquid juices from various fruits while maintaining its natural flavors. This valuable liquid, once collected, will be dehydrated and converted into solid (bricks) of sugar. Lastly, the solid product is then recycled for use as cow feed. Vincent came to San Bernardino Valley College on the advice of his wife and a coworker at Cucamonga Valley Water District. After attending three classes on campus, Vincent will be taking the state exam for certification as a Water Distribution Operator Two (D-2) and is very confident in his new career. Vincent shares the following comment when discussing his learning experience at the college: “I couldn’t have done this without the help of family and faculty/staff at San Bernardino Valley College.”


Jeremy started out in the warehousing industry, but was tired of getting laid off. After completing water supply technology courses, including one in work experience; he was offered a job. Jeremy is in a full-time temporary position with Cucamonga Valley Water District. He has certification as a Water Treatment Plant Operator One (T-1) and Water Distribution Operator Two (D-2) certification and is looking forward to a long career in the water industry. Jeremy stated, “I can’t get the smile off my face. This is my dream job!”


Scott Reading was talking with a friend of his family when he decided to attend water supply technology courses at San Bernardino Valley College. Scott was working as a part-time substitute teacher in Redlands, but did not feel that was the calling he was looking for as a career. Scott admits to finding himself overwhelmed at finding the career, he was always eventually seeking. After completing courses at San Bernardino Valley College, Scott was hired by East Valley Water District. He has a Bachelor Degree in Social Science, but feels completing the water courses at San Bernardino Valley College was the best decision he has made.

Cooperative Work Experience

Water Supply Technology (WST) Program Student Dennis Bolt observing the monitoring station at CVWD.

Cucamonga Valley Water District is partnering with SBVC Water Supply Technology (WST) to provide valuable work-site training for students enrolled in the WST Cooperative Work Experience. This course provides college credit to students who volunteer or participate in a paid work experience program. Working with a mentor, students appreciate the knowledge sharing and feel more confident in their skill levels, after completing this course.

Program Events


The week of September 19 – September 22 was designated as the second bi-annual Career and Technical Education (CTE) Awareness Week. CTE faculty, staff and students showcased their respective CTE programs during the Open House and provided some hands-on demonstrations to our community members, industry and employer partners as well as to our faculty, staff and students who participated in the week-long event.
Melita Caldwell Betties – Water Supply Technology Instructor , providing information based on the WST program to new prospective student.


SBVC Water Supply Technology Department Hosts Workshop
October 21, 2016, San Bernardino Valley College’s Water Supply Technology department supported the Santa Ana River Basin Section of the California Water Environment Federation, by hosting its Technical Certification Program workshop. The Technical Certification Program workshop provided study sessions for all water professionals who are taking a certification exam. This event afforded the participants an opportunity to ask questions to the subject matter experts regarding electrical and instrumentation, wastewater and mechanical math, laboratory analysis and collections. This workshop was instrumental for the participants in attendance as they were able to gain so much assistance and information to help prepare them for their future certification exam.


Applied Technology Division Held Career and Technical Education (CTE) Workshops
The Applied Technology Division offered three 1-hour workshops in September 2016 focusing on the various educational and career opportunities involving Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at SBVC. After each workshop, participants had an opportunity to tour CTE lab facilities to see the actual tools and equipment used by students in their respective programs.


October 12, 2016, the Applied Technology Division was invited to attend the Redlands Unified School District College Fair hosted at Redlands High School. Over a thousand of students and multiple vendors attended the district wide event. Representatives from SBVC’s Applied Technology Division, Pharmacy Technology Program and the Outreach and Recruitment office, had the opportunity to contribute, collaborate and promote the career programs offered at our college. The goal was to enlighten and encourage future college students about several educational and career opportunities at SBVC. Many in attendance were interested in exploring the possibility of taking courses in Career and Technical Education (CTE) such as Welding Technology, Water Supply Technology and Pharmacy Technology.


High School Career Fairs
San Bernardino Valley College’s Applied Technology Division attended High School Career Fairs at Citrus Valley High School and Redlands High School. In attendance were hundreds of students and numerous vendors. Support staff from the Applied Technology Division in attendance were Alejandra Campos and Brittany Sysawang, providing information and promoting the CTE programs offered at SBVC in the Applied Technology Division. The Division’s goal was to inform and encourage prospective college students about educational opportunities, technology and future job opportunities the SBVC has to offer.

The Water Supply Technology (WST) Program hosted the California Water Environment Association’s (CWEA) Collections System Workshop to prepare participants in obtaining their certification in Wastewater Collections Systems for the region. The CWEA delivered the necessary materials to assist current wastewater collections operators and students through increased skills and opportunities with perspective employers. San Bernardino Valley College, in working with CWEA, was able to network with several community-based employers in promoting the Water Supply Technology (WST) Program and collaborate on potential work experience opportunities for our students.

Job Preparedness Workshop held at SBVC

The Water Supply Technology Program hosted a seminar on job preparedness followed by mock interviews conducted on campus by industry employers. City of Redlands’ Water District employees, ]Joe Sanchez and Joe Hanford along with Andy Coady of San Bernardino Water Reclamation Facility formed the interview panel designed to assist students in preparing for future water industry-related job searches. Students had the chance to not only find out how to interview with large organizations, but also learn helpful tips to increase their soft skills. As an example, two of the interviewees were successful in landing Operator-in-Training positions for at San Bernardino Municipal Water Department.


Through a National Science Foundation Grant: Bridging the Water Divide, Training a New Generation of Water Technicians, the Water Supply Technology Program held its second informational meeting for development of the Inland Empire Water Council on February 5, 2015. Melita Caldwell-Betties led the group through the main topics of discussion surrounding the development of a web-site, work experience practices, and priorities of the grant. Representatives from the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, Kathleen Steele and Linda Gaylor, also presented information on the creation of new high school courses and alignment of curriculum with a goal of future articulation with the San Bernardino Valley College Water Supply Technology Program. An added benefit of the meeting was comments on the importance of networking as valuable tool on resolving critical issues in the water industry.


On January 13, 2015, Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) invited Albert Maniaol, Dean of Applied Technology, Transportation and Culinary Arts, to speak before its Board of Director’s Meeting. San Bernardino Valley College’s Water Supply Technology Cooperative Work Experience Program and its students participants were recognized by the Board of Directors for successful completion of unpaid internships hosted by CVWD. In partnership with Cucamonga Valley, San Bernardino Valley College Water Supply Technology students were commended for the excellent job done in demonstrating along with applying the skills and knowledge taught in the classroom to the worksite.



San Bernardino Valley College Attends the 10th Annual San Bernardino County Water Conference
On August 12, 2016, San Bernardino Valley College attended the 10th Annual San Bernardino County Water Conference, hosted by Building Industry Association Baldy View Chapter at the Ontario Convention Center. Attendance and participation was made possible by support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technology Education (ATE) Grant. The Water Supply Technology program provided other attendees with information, resources, educational and career projects as well as upcoming opportunities. Conference participants supporting SBVC were Board of Trustees Members Donna Ferracone and Gloria Macias Harrison; Dean of Applied Technology Division Albert Maniaol; Water Supply Technology Faculty Achala Chatterjee, Ernie Ariza, Rebecca Schwartz and Support Staff Brittany Sysawang and Peggy Weber. All of the attendees had the chance to network with numerous industry leaders and employers to encourage more interaction and joining forces to build new partnerships. Overall, the San Bernardino Water Conference was a successful event.


SBVC Water Supply Technology Program Receives Award
On August 12, 2016, San Bernardino Valley College and the Water Supply Technology Program representatives attended the 10th Annual San Bernardino County Water Conference at the Ontario Convention Center. It was with great surprise that the SBVC Water Supply Technology Program was rewarded the IE H20 Hero Award for Education/Workforce Partner. They were recognized for their commitment to sustainable water resources and contribution to water efficiency, most importantly they are an entity who is leading the charge in developing a water-skill workforce. Accepting the award on behalf of SBVC and the Water Supply Technology Program was the Applied Technology Division Dean Albert Maniaol and Water Supply Technology Faculty Chair Achala Chatterjee. Congratulations to SBVC Water Supply Technology Program.

NSF Conference in Washington DC Features SBVC’s Bridging the Water Divide Grant

Training a New Generation of Water Technicians Grant Program


The San Bernardino Valley College Water Supply Technology Program was showcased in the 2014 National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technology Education (ATE) Principal Investigators Conference in Washington D.C., October 22-24, 2014. Conference attendees, Melita Caldwell-Betties-Principal Investigator, Albert Maniaol-Co-Principal Investigator and Peggy Weber-Program Coordinator, also had the opportunity to meet with the various industry experts and educators from across the United States and discussed the issues of new technology, strategic educational development, particularly in the community college environment.


On August 22, 2014, the Water Supply Technology (WST) Program, through its National Science Foundation (NSF) Bridging the Water Divide Grant, sponsored a table at the San Bernardino County Water Conference held at California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) to promote and showcase the Applied Technology Divisions’ WST program. In attendance were Dr. Gloria Fisher-San Bernardino Valley College President, Dr. Kathleen Rowley, Director of Grant Development and Management; Albert Maniaol, Interim Applied Technology Division Dean; along with Melita Caldwell-Betties, NSF Grant Principal Investigator, Peggy Weber, NSF Grant Program Coordinator, and Anthony Lu, CTE Transition Grant Program Coordinator. Highlights of the conference included a “weather pattern and drought-cycle” presentation from its keynote speaker, Mr. Bill Patzert, Oceanographer for the California Institute of Technology’s NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


On August 6, 2014, the Water Supply Technology (WST) program in connection with a National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant entitled Bridging the Divide: Training a New Generation of Water Technicians; kicked off its first organizational meeting hosted by Melita Caldwell-Betties to develop the Inland Empire Water Council. Its goal is to educate our community’s women and minorities about water supply issues. Organizations represented in the council include utilities, water distribution and reclamation companies, the education sector and foundations. During the meeting, participants shared ideas, positive experiences and improvements in offering WST education to our region and the community.


The San Bernardino Valley College’s Water Supply Technology Program was represented at the Annual CSA 64 Spring Valley Lake Water Conservation Fair last September held at the Spring Valley Lake Community Center. Hundreds of local high-desert residents came out to learn some of the latest trends in water conservation and participated in some of the fun-filled activities the fair had to offer. The event featured numerous vendor booths (including a photo booth), local water agency representatives and emergency response personnel, in addition to educational workshops, kids’ activities, raffles and refreshments.